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2015 April 1 Wednesday
Komsomol business of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs [Under Indian cover – Russian companies]
It smells of big fraud in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Video reportage

Towards a New Era of European Nation-States (2) [The Failed Utopias of Christianity and Communism]


Towards a New Era of European Nation-States (1) [European States Locked in an Unsustainable Global Economy]

The United States and France congratulate the people of Lithuania on the Restoration of Independence Day (1)


EU should continue the work started by Lithuania

ATOMIC BALTIC network: Gathering anti-nuclear struggles in the Baltic Sea region

The President extended condolences over tragic events in Russia

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Toadying Lithuania and dignified Latvia: who gets more profit from USA? 4
Secret CIA Jails in Lithuania: Legacy of Nazi Collaborationism 6
Photo reports Important Joke

Speech at the plenary session of the Parliamentary assembly of the OSCE (16)
Vilnius, July 3, 2009 C. Alissandrakis, Communist Party of Greece There have been...
Who is who in the Post-Soviet Lithuania? (20)
Land-reform or land-robbery? Behind the scenes of Post-Soviet Lithuania by Zenonas Jurgelevičius

Justice   Culture
Operation Y, or J. Jasaitis’ further adventures (1)
J. Jasaitis rehabilitated himself in the eyes of V.Grigaravicius ”...
Who Will Mushroom Out the Fungus? (3)
As soon as HC journalists left Rakauskiene Or ” A...
“Lithuanian courts ” big prostitution, and investigation ” even bigger prostitution” (3)
Read this and you will understand, what does it mean...
Liang Zhu-ge’s First Letter Written Before He Set Out on a Campaign (227 CE) (6)
Zhu-ge, Liang 1 (181-234 CE) Honorable King, The late king...
The Duke of Zheng Conquered Duan at Yan City (1)
(A historical event in 722 BCE) Qiu-Ming Zuo 1 (556?-451?...
Congratulations to Yuan Li on His Return to the Winding Valley 1 (2)
Han, Yu 2 (768 -824 CE) There is a winding...